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108                               LIFE   OF
when he way "visiting his "brother in Home,   on his
return from America.
Alexander returned to Berlin, from Italy, with the
king of Prussia, and arrived there iu the commence-
ment of 1828, and was warmly welcomed, in Togo] by
his brother William. Ho svpout some months of
mental activity here, as not only the 1 earned friends
of Berlin eagerly seized the opportunity of his presence,
to associate directly with the celebrated man., aud
draw from, the rich spring of his knowledge j but h
also obeyed the beneficial and agreeable impressions
of home, and, in his brother's society, exchanged the
memories and experiences of a new tropical world,,
on the spot of his earliest boyislx dreams. During liiw
visit to his boloved brother, those circumstances look
place at court which we have already mentioned.,
-and which had nearly summoned William von Hum-
boldt, from the calm pleasures of a fraternal visit,
into the restless, public, political world*
Berlin and Germany enjoyed the honour of har-
bouring its celebrated naturalist biit few months.
The desire to be near his fellow labourers in MB great
work, and the thirst for the magnificent rosotircoB of
sciences in Paris, attracted him to the capital, where
he was literally and practically active for natural
science. But what fraternal love alone could not
effect, was soon afterwards made possible by the king
of Prussia's invitation. The king had formed a great
partiality for Humboldt's person, and had expressed
the wish that he woxxld remove to Berlin entirely,
that he might be the welcome companion and scien-
tific adviser of his king. It was not royal favour, or
vanity, or pride, which now determined Alexander
to choose his native town as his dwelling-place ; the
wish of the affable king, who honoured science in
Humboldt, only gave the impetus to a determination,
whose deeper motives had been long working in the
natural feelings of the noble man, arid whose carrying
out needed only that more powerful impulse to tear
him from the chains formed in Paris by his scientific